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15 Startup Business Ideas For The Future

I’m going to show you 15 startup business ideas for the future these are businesses that not only can make you a lot of money now and have very little competition but can be some of the biggest businesses. I’m talking billions of dollars of worth in the future 2020 and beyond these are in all different types of industries and if you can get into them, if you are interested in them you could be solving some of the world’s biggest problems and you would have very little competition.if you could just get
started and get your foot in the door as quickly as possible so some of these
great ideas.

No 1 3d Printing shop

I’m going to mention in this Article 3d printing shops 3d printing shops, of course, are going to be more and more in demand because people need 3d printing for all kinds of things and it’s very convenient and can be much cheaper and more efficient to create prosthetic limbs car parts and all kinds of different things like that so 3d hubs Comm isn’t it is an example of a company that does 3d printing projects custom orders and things like that they’ve gotten a ton of orders and they’re only getting more and more in the future there’s very little competition and if you can get your hands on a 3d printer that can handle a lot then you could make a great business.

No 2 card charging stations

card charging stations

Card charging stations card charging stations are great because obviously emissions from gasoline and things like that are concerning scientist with global warming and climate change.So more and more electric cars being created things like solar panels and wind energy is being more popular charge point calm is a place where you can go to learn more about charging stations they are a company that builds them and of course, as you probably realize there’s not a lot of charging stations around right now especially if you compare them to how many millions of gas stations we have and if you can come up with a way to make charging stations get them in places that could be convenient for drivers or make them even mobile for people who can use them on the go that can be a huge business to start.

No 3 DNA design

DNA design

DNA design firms DNA design firms of course help with identifying things in your DNA they can look at you and one of the biggest applications for are diseases they can find out your genes and things like that and whether you are prone to certain diseases so that they can tackle that before it happens and if you can get into that that is a huge an industry that is going to be growing more and more very few companies are doing this right now you won’t find a lot of big public companies doing DNA designs so you know by bio-nano genome genomics is one of the companies that does it but you know there’s not a lot of others so if you can get into that
helped prevent diseases you could definitely change the world.

No 4 Holographic Theater

Holographic Theater

Holographic theater so Holographic theaters are the next form of
entertainment that could really take over 3d holograms instead of using
screens where you actually feel like you’re there like you’re in the same
room as the movie and the scenes that are happening in front of you is the
next form of big entertainment it can change the theater industry completely.We all know how well theaters do as far as making money and getting turnouts for big movies and things like that so you know rich tech is one example you can go to rich text system calm but 3d hologram theaters those are the future of entertainment and if you can do some type of home the version where you install them in homes or if you can do a big theater there are all kinds of ways you can make big money.

No 5 Jetpack Dealerships

Jetpack Dealerships

Jetpack dealerships so this might sound a little far-fetched but they aren’t actually because of some people are actually getting into this
jetpacks are definitely something that a lot of people have never even tried
before but they are they’re going to be more and more demand as a form of
entertainment as a form of maybe even transportation and if you want to get into this, you can study say X jetpacks command they will show you some places that actually sell these jetpacks and experiences for them, of course, these are very expensive they attract high-end customers, so you wouldn’t even need that many customers to make a lot of money with this type of stuff.

No 6 Wound or Tour Guides

Wound or Tour guides and what I mean by this of course is basically tours on the moon to start out of course, it could expand to other planets in the future but space is one place you can go to learn more about a company that’s getting into space tours and things like that where you can actually go up in space as a tourist and just get to see everything there from your own perspective without having to be an astronaut or something and of course this is going to attract a lot of very high-end clients millionaires and billionaires will be probably most of your customers especially starting out so you can make a lot of money from the and it’s going to be in demand and there’s very little competition.

No 7 Meat growing

Meat growing is interesting because we’re going to have a food shortage if the population of the the world keeps growing animals are getting slaughtered people are especially these animal rights companies and foundations are trying to preserve animals and find alternatives obviously a lot of people don’t care for things like tofu and going vegetarian so what they’re doing is creating food and meat artificially through very advanced Sciences so biotech things like that they’re finding ways to create actual meat and things like that in labs and it’s you probably couldn’t even tell the difference so instead of having to you know give animals all these steroids and mess slaughter them and things like that to get the meat just to give enough food for the people of the world then make it actually, create food without having to harm animals and things like that and actually, fill the need of hunger where many countries still have a lot of people who don’t get enough food daily so this could solve a huge problem in many different ways if you could find a way to get into growing beef and other the meat you can check out this story on Newsweek Comm called web grown beef save the planet and maybe that will help you get inspired to take action.

No 8 Robotics


Robotics we all know is going to be a big part of
the future there’s all kinds of robotics star startups you can go to angel Co to
see all the angel investing opportunities and say sky front for instance trying to come up with the next level drones there are other companies as well you can look at but all these robotics companies they’re pretty small for the most part, you won’t find a lot of just major public companies doing the bikes yet I mean they’re working on things but they’re not really there yet we’re not going to have robotic assistance in our houses like they do in
the movies yet for a long time but if you could get into this or if even you
could get into robotic repair or robotic design or just sell something that could some ideas that could be used by some of these startups you can make ridiculous amounts of money and really change the the world for the better.

No 9 Space Hotel

Space hotel so of course space is going to be a huge part of future startups but there’s not a whole a lot of competition with space hotels yet because of the lack of space travel we have right now especially for consumers who aren’t really able to travel the space much right now but you have companies but like Bigelow Aerospace who are working on the first space hotels or basically a consumer space stations where you can go stay for a few days in a space station and actually get to experience what it’s like to live in space for a little while and of course people are going to pay amazing amounts of money they can they can occupy about six people with this one, in particular, you can go to Bigelow Aerospace command check these out but of course, this is the only company I even know if that’s actually doing this and there’s not a lot of competition of the course just like most of these other options so if you can come up with ways for people to take tourism to space can you imagine the impact that would have and the customers you could attract.

No 10 Nano Medics

Nano Medics

Nano medics so nano medics is basically a way of combating diseases viruses and things like that cancer by using tiny little robots you might have seen them in some movies where they can use these tiny little robots and they go into your bloodstream and can attack and destroy cancer and other forms of terrible diseases and things like that that and just help us be healthier overall, of course, this isn’t a mainstream thing yet they’re not really practical yet they haven’t perfected the technology but if you could get into this you could be saving millions of wise per year from common diseases like cancer and things like that that you really just don’t have cures for any of course if you want to read more about the advantages of this there’s a whole a place called nano today or nano DICOM they have a great article called what are the possible advantages of nano robots in medicine and this can help you really get inspired and show you what the potential is for curing diseases using these nanobots and may-maybe inspire you to get started with some technology that could really change the world.

No 11 Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles of course electric vehicles are a big part of the future and the elimination of gasoline burning and emissions that are causing climate change and things like that Tesla, of course, is one of the biggest electric car companies right now they’re even working on things like solar roofs you know self-driving cars and things like that so they’re really going with the future you can really get inspired by learning more about Tesla by going to Tesla calm or worrying about their owne rElon Musk seeing some of the things he’s talking about and how he thinks about electric cars and the impact that could have but electric cars are the future they’re going to be more and more in demand and countries are really becoming more supportive of things like this-this so if you could come up with something that really rivals Tesla which there isn’t a whole lot of competition for the right now in the electric car industry you could really come up with something that could make a huge impact and make get more people to create or get electric cars and make them more mainstream to really help reverse climate change and make the world a better place.

No 12 Wind Energy Installation

Wind Energy Installation

Wind energy installation is another great startup opportunity that
you could do wind energy of course along with solar energy waves in the ocean there are all kinds of different forms of clean energy we could take better advantage of but the Wind Energy Foundation org that’s a place I would recommend you go if you want to learn more about common questions about wind energy the benefits campaigns on how to get it installed there are some companies that do install it while there is not a mainstream thing yet if you could find a way to get into this and make it a mainstream thing make wind energy more efficient and cheaper to install people would be more inclined to get it at their homes and we can make emissions go way down and our dependence on energy companies go way down so wind energy goes to wind energy foundation to org they’re
doing some great stuff here they will answer a lot of your questions about
getting started in wind energy.

No 13 Asteroid Mining

Asteroid Mining

Asteroid mining of course asteroids are something we don’t exactly mine right now but it’s part of the future there are people talking about doing this and getting into it the reason being is they have minerals different types of things like that within them that we don’t have on earth that we could use for different forms of energy or for whole new types of technology and you could use these things for who knows what we could build the next best the next evolution of space stations or the next wave of the energy of the next forms of space travel and things like that using some of the minerals we find from asteroid mining and Planetary Resources com is a place
to go to for learning more about asteroid mining and kind of seeing a company that’s actually getting in the trenches and trying to get some work done with this you might want to work with them, you might create your own startup to compete or to work with them but asteroid mining is going to be how.

No 14 Nano Satellites

Nano Satellites

We get some of the most amazing non earthly resources in the future number.Trust me you won’t have hardly any competition but the upside is incredible fourteen you can do nano satellites so if you can get into nano satellites because nano satellites could give u all the ability to take advantage of space without the cost or the connections and things like that that the big companies have so there aren’t a whole lot of you know satellites in the orbit right now you would think but nano satellites are much cheaper there smaller they’re easier to launch saving.Money saving fuel and things like that so if you can get into nano-satellites these are really the future for giving people access to space and you can read more about this at Forbes com they have a great article here nano satellites will give everyone access to space by the economy will give you an idea of where they are right now where the future is for them what the uses are for nano satellites and how we can give consumers all kinds of experiences and technology and opportunities by creating better forms of nano satellites in West but not waste is employee monitoring now this might be a little less of a moonshot compared to some of these other ones I talked about that seems very futuristic but believe it or not more and more people are working from home more companies are allowing people to work from their laptops and not come into the workplace.Every single time they can save money on
we space they can save money from facilities and all kinds of different
things like that so they’re willing people to work from home more because they can get the same amount of work done by having a computer at home the thing is a lot of employees will have very little tolerance of the distractions around them and we’ll end up giving in and not giving them now getting the right amount of work done working from home so they’re going to need surveillance of employees and you can build a company based on that there’s different software itself but really you could use a team to make sure that you know employees are doing their jobs you
can help companies these big companies that would actually need this would pay a lot of money just to make sure that their employees are getting everything done that needs to get done so you could give in to electronic surveillance of employees,

So if you got something from this Article if you feel like you learned about some really cool startups and some opportunities of the future please like
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hear from you if you want to get more in-depth blog posts on business ideas
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