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Starting Your Own Street Fast Food Store,How to start a food stall

How to start a food stall

Hi today we discuss about street business which we start Easily
With My Lord
Starting Your Very Own Street Food Store

Fresh out of Union it’s not something most graduates would be up for for all initially in Georgia Ravened founders of healthy fast food business cheer we’re up for the challenge I caught up with them at Camden Lock find out why they decided to set up shop and what tips they would give to budding entrepreneurs well we we spotted a gap in the market for healthy food that you can get really quickly me Nadia barfi uni before both really active always had to run around and there wasn’t anything there that was particularly healthy because we’re both really enter you know what gluten free to certain extent raw stuff we’re just basically healthy seasonal unprocessed foods if I could to give to people what they wanted to the main thing.We did was just to start like we sign up to entice which is like a catering society they’ve got hot line so they just answered an questions that we had but otherwise you just learn by getting involved and starting the business as soon a possible yeah it’s trial and error basically like the main thing is to actually just give their goat the overheads for starting the street food business is so low you can afford to kind of mess around over a little bit we both left unity we haven’t applied to any other jobs we’ve invested the money that we had saved from the time we were a unit into a business and we needed to start generating income immediately.Which is quite unusual for a new business but because we’re selling directly from consumers we get cash straight back in so enabled us to that but like the pressure was on to start generating income and profit from the first day so website that you signed up to and there any other kind of results I need to recommend other people as they were wanting to start up their education wait wait basically basically what we did is we just looked the kind of businesses that we aspire to be and then we looked at how they got started and that was what I mean without overall ambition fort we do isn’t a street food business but it was a good starting point and then once we discovered that street food was an appropriate place to start we looked at the successful Street businesses and they how they started and modified what they’ve done according to what was possible for us financially time wise experience-wise etc and what do you think if the options available at the moment toughly game fret and clusters complete wank basically.

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